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The first of the National Lottery strangest requests came from one £35m jackpot winner (anonymous) who delayed the arrival of the Camelot official because he had the painters and decorators in. Of course, Camelot respected this request and turned up after the work had finished. When the rep arrived for their scheduled appointment, the family were celebrating in the garden. Perhaps the winner wasn’t as excited as he could have been?

Stories of lottery winners helping people out of the kindness of their hearts are numerous, but usually these stories are about their charity donations and work. Rarely do you get lottery winners helping out individuals or specific families. That is what happened in Grimsby two weeks ago. Susan and Lee Mullen, winners of nearly £5m in the National Lottery offered to pay for a funeral of a fan who died en route to the club’s play-off final. The lottery winners generosity means that the fan will have a “Proper Grimsby Town Send Off”

Browning further claimed that Poirier – with whom he was in a relationship at the time – left the house they shared together and went silent after claiming the win, failing to return text messages and phone calls. She eventually returned and told him to vacate the house. When he refused, she took him to court to get him evicted. During the court proceedings, he claimed that they had had several verbal agreements since the 1990s to share any winnings, and though he accepted that the relationship was over, she should honour the agreement they made when together as the tickets were purchased when they were still a couple.

2000: A total of 2000 people participated in the recording of the show in Northfield Plotto winning numbersark in 2014