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On June 13, 1923, when Clarissa Dalloway walked to Bond Street to buy flowers for the party that night, the London she walked through was completely different from Arnold Bennett’s masterpiece Lesman London depicted in "Stairs". Bennett's novel won the James Tate Black Award. The next year's winner of this important award will be Woolf's friend EM Foster and his "A Trip to India." But the popular Bennett is hard to sell in Bloomsbury's sunny sanctuary. When Woolf began to write "Mrs. Dalloway," she looked back at Bennett's novel and complained to a friend in a letter: "To reinforce a speech I had to give, I had to read "Lesman Steps" ", I'm almost desperate to death. What kind of pot-washing water! The clear soup is too watery, which means that the leg of lamb has been swimming in it (maybe, maybe, but I doubt it)."

The Lotto lottery carried out a massive reform at the end of September, increasing the amount of a single lottery ticket from £1 to £2, and also increasing the winning prize for matching 4 numbers from £60 to £100, matching 3 numbers The bonus has been increased from £10 to £25. However, the bonus for matching 5 numbers was reduced from 1,500 pounds to 1,000 pounds, and the bonus for matching 5 numbers and bonus ball numbers was even halved, from 100,000 pounds to 50,000 pounds.

In addition to the jackpot winner, there were 16 other prize winners who are over €1 million (₹75.2 million) richer after matching the five main numbers and one of the Lucky Stars. The second-tier prize is one of the largest in the history of EuroMillions.

Most people would be happy with such a prize, small though it is, you could at least afford to go on holiday with it. But our lucky gut feeling lottery player decided to go for it. Two of the tickets came out with nothing but the third presented a prize of $75,000 (around £58,000 at present) which is the maximum prize possible on that game. She described the two wins in one day as “blissful” and vowed to spent the money on paying debts and clearing some bills. It’s the first story of its kind that we know of, although she is not the first nor will she be the last donj lotto resultuble winner.

Ms Hinte was not the only false claimant, and every time there is a big win there is an expected large number of false claimants coming forward with stories of lost, damaged and stolen tickets. For this record lottery £66m draw, the lottery organiser Camelot claimed there was in the region of 400. Susanne Hinte was simply the most prominent on this occasion. Camelot are still deciding whether to prosecute Ms Hinte. Though rare, they are at liberty to prosecute anyone they see fit, whether it is in the public interest to do so, under existing fraud laws. Susanne Hinte will appear in court in March on unrelated charges.

Zuckerberg wrote in the article that Facebook will fully support the use of Libra in the service, which is intended to allow billions of people around the world who use WhatsApp and other services but may be excluded from banking services to use a kind of security. , Stable and well-regulated cryptocurrency.